Wilmington, North Carolina Engagements

This day could not have turned out more beautiful I MEAN LOOK AT THESE!?!?!

The weather forecasted rain ALL week….. PSH I DIDNT SEE ANY RAIN HERE! NOT TODAY!

The moment I got off the plane in Wilmington it was gorgeous out. SO AMAZING! Stuart & Hannah (and cute little Genevieve) were out of this world fun! We started in a park near their cute little beach bungalow home so that we could snap some shots with their sweet pupper.

As if Mother Nature just knewwww this day was special, she gave us the most gorgeous golden light as we headed to the sound! We played in the sand, laughed, and even took a dip in the water eventually! haha! Literally nothing was gonna stop them from having the best night ever as we celebrated their love story and told that story through pics!

If I can say anything about this day it was that I freakin love these two humans! Their love and happiness radiated through their personalities and playfulness with each other and I was so freakin happy I got to capture it all! If these don’t make you smile idk what will yall. THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT