Izzy & Thomas - Inlet Park, Saratoga Springs Utah Couples Session

While I was traveling back to Utah in May, I was able to hang with one of the raddest couples everrrrr! This session went back and forth between “should we do it??” “should we cancel??” “should we move locations??” …. The weather was notttt exactly in our favor that day Lol thanks Mother Nature. BUT Izzy & Thomas decided HECK WITH IT! And wanted to still go for it!

MY KIND OF PEOPLE RIGHT THERE! Life is all about the adventure! Who cares if you get rained on a little bit or if it’s a little colder than you may prefer…. life is about LIVING and EXPERIENCING alllll of it! Especially with the person you love.

SO, we headed to this beautiful park by the lake and guess what…. THE RAIN HELD OFF UNTIL RIGHT AS WE PULLED OUR CARS OUT OF THE PARKING LOT TO GO HOME! It was meant to be folks. And guess what again?? WE HAD SO MUCH FREAKIN FUN. We may have been attacked by a giant swarm of gnats once…. But aside from that it was an absolutely perfect hour and a half!

No regrets yall.