My Top Tips on What to Wear for your Photos!

I get asked all the time what to wear for engagement photos! Or just photos in general!

“Help!! SOS!! What should we wear?? What is gonna look best for our pics?? How do we get our outfits to compliment each other?? We dont wanna be too matchy matchy.... what do you suggest?!”

When planning what to wear for photos….. I always follow a couple guidelines for myself and whoever im taking photos with!


This guideline doesn’t just apply to being comfortable physically. Like can I move well in these clothes, they feel good, etc. But I mean am I comfortableeeee?! DO I FEEL LIKE MYSELF IN WHAT I AM WEARING?!

I totally believe that confidence and feeling beautiful can totally radiate based on how you feel in the outfit you are wearing…. if you hate what youre wearing and dont feel good in it… ITS GONNA SHOW! But if you look in the mirror and think “DAAAAAAAAANG WHO IS THAT BAD MAMMA JAMMA?!” Then you better believe that confidence and self-love is going to show through in your photos!

But also make sure you can MOVEEEE in those outfits! In my sessions I always have my couples moving! Dancing, running, jumping, twirling, throwing each other around! (In a loving adorable way)


When choosing colors for outfit options, I always recommend picking nice neutral palettes to work from! I always find that natural colors compliment sooooo nicely! Use accessories to add cute colors to compliment your outfit! (hats, scarves, jewelry, etc) These colors also look amazing in almost any location! Especially beautiful outdoorsy places!

*Neutral Outfit Color Guide by A Pair and a Spare*

*Neutral Outfit Color Guide by A Pair and a Spare*



Patterns can be so fun! But make sure that if you are wearing a patterned pant or top, that your significant other is not… or vice versa! That is where some clashing can occur! Pair more solid neutral colors to match the person wearing a pattern. (Hopefully this makes sense y’all I am not the worlds greatest writer hahaha)


There are ways to look well put together and adorable without wearing the same exact colors as each other! Try wearing different shades of the same color, or choose a core color that you each can wear in different aspects of your outfit! If your boo is wearing tan pants and a blue shirt…. then you could pair it with a light colored dress with some blue jewelry… or even has some small pops of blue in the dress! There’s ways to compliment one another without being over the top!